Here are some of our current projects.

Stokes & Associates, Inc. prioritizes its project load to assure timely completion in accordance with its client’s needs.  Simply put, we do not take on projects that we cannot complete on time and within budget.

Current Projects

East Texas MUD - 2017 Sewer System Rehabilitation
Henderson - Master Street Improvements - Contract No. 20
Henderson - East Side Sewer Main Replacement
Henderson - 2017 Sewer & Water Improvements
Henderson - East Main Emergency Sewer Repair
Henderson - West Fordall Sewer & Water Improvements
Marshall - Meadow Lane Waterline
New Boston - Road Ranger Fuel Center Water/Sewer Improvements
New Boston - 2016 Wastewater Capital Improvements
New Boston - 2017-2018 TxCDBG Grant Application
Riverbend WRD - Water Booster Pump Station & Storage Tank
Rusk County - AG Center Sewer Improvements
Rusk County - Airport Drainage Improvements
Smith County - 2016 TCF/TDA CEFCO Sewer Improvements
Southern Power Co. - Drainage Imp. & Scale House Containment
Southern Power Co. - North Tower Drainage Improvements
Valley Bell Enterprises - Taco Bell / Nacogdoches
Timpson I.S.D.
West Fraser Wood Products - Austin Street Reconstruction
Woodville - Pine Street Water Well

Recently Completed Projects

ANCWCID - Spillway Gate Maintenance & Painting
Citizens National Bank - Corsicana
Henderson - Master Street Improvements - Contract No. 18
Henderson - Southside WWTP Discharge Permit Renewal
Henderson - Master Street Improvements Contract No. 19
Henderson - Water Well No. 14 Rehabilitation
Henderson - 2016 Water & Sewer Improvements
Marshall - Spring Street Water Improvements
Marshall - Turtle Creek Sewer Main Investigation
New Boston - 2014 TCF Sewer & Water Improvements
New Boston - TCF Street & Drainage for Autumn Winds
Riverbend WRD - Water Main Replacement
Rusk County - 2016 CET Reinvestment Zone Grant
Southern Multifoods - Crockett
Southern Power Co. - 2016 Pavement Repair