A brief history.

The company was founded in 1971 by Ralph Stokes, Sr. With the Texas economy on the upswing the company soon became one of the areas principal consultant engineering establishments. From its beginning, Stokes & Associates had the reputation for providing exceptional and efficient designs for all facets of its operations.

The company played an instrumental role during the onset of the telecommunications boom as it designed towers for television, data transfer, tracking rail cars, long distance telephone and air route surveillance radar systems.  These and other technologies positioned the company with a diverse base of engineering expertise.

A Governmental change in the 1970’s created an opportunity for the company to take a leading role for many Texas municipalities.  During this time the company designed many water and wastewater treatment facilities including the associated pipelines.  This work continues today as more stringent requirements are placed on drinking water, wastewater discharges and air pollution.

Through the 1980’s the company expanded its operations and used the advances in technology to further enhance its expertise in systems design.  Digital imaging and computer analysis played a large role in updating water distribution systems along with interconnecting adjacent and regional water suppliers.

During the 1990’s expanding population growth required long range water planning.  Many clients had been dependent on ground water that was rapidly diminishing.  Water was also becoming scarce in Texas lakes and rivers.  The company assisted with the procurement, delivery and treatment of lake and river water for many of its new and current clients.

During the 2000’s and currently the company continues to provide services for many long term clients who have been customers for 20 to 40 years.  Reliable electric power became a concern for many States in the late 1990’s and continues today.  Stokes & Associates realized a need for further expansion into this field.  A design/build group was created within the company to assist new power plant constructors with acquisition and delivery of water to their new plants.  The company has assisted many new facilities within Texas to date.

Through diversity, client satisfaction, service capabilities and experienced staff the company is poised for the complex and evolving demands of the 21st century.